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2xCD The Avenger (Bonus Edition) #10958

The Avenger (Bonus Edition) See Larger Images and Variations
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Release Date: May 26, 2009

1. Bleed For Ancient Gods
2. The Last With Pagan Blood
3. North Sea Storm
4. Avenger
5. God, His Son And Holy Whore
6. Metalwrath
7. Legend Of A Banished Man

8. Thor Arise (Bonus Track)
9. Bleed For Ancient Gods (Live)
10. The Last With Pagan Blood (Live)
11. North Sea Storm (Live)
12. Avenger (Live)
13. God, His Son And Holy Whore (Live)
14. Metalwrath (Live)
15. Legend Of A Banished Man (Live)

The Avenger re-release contains two discs packaged in a digipak with tons of photos and new liner notes from the band. Disc one features the entire The Avenger album, completely re-mastered with the bonus track, Thor Arise.

Disc two features the live recording of the second show from “Bloodshed over Bochum”, filmed on December, 29th in Bochum, Germany, in which Amon Amarth played The Avenger in its entirety.

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