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1. Satellites
2. Closest Friends Conspire
3. Blue Wine
4. Angel Of Desire
5. My New Time
6. Communication On Opium
7. Twisted And Turned
8. Shadowmancer
9. Forget To Remember (Sunday Mornings)
10. State Of Mind
11. Epilogue (What's Done Is Done)

"My New Time" is the most personal and intimate AUTUMN album so far. That intimacy required a totally different approach than the theatrical "Summer's End", both musically and vocally. Nienke sounds more refined than ever. "I chose emotion over perfection on this album. I crawled into the microphone, so to speak. By stripping down the vocals, the essence of the songs came to the surface," says Nienke. "In the past, I tended to conform to the vocal style of the gothic genre." As a result of this new approach, her warm, deep voice shines through on "My New Time" and shows what she is really capable of.

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