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CD Metal Massacre 1 #11262

Metal Massacre 1 See Larger Images and Variations
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1. Chains Around Heaven (Black N Blue)
2. Live For The Whip (Bitch)
3. Captive Of Light (Malice)
4. Octave (Avatar)
5. Death Of The Sun (Cirith Ungol)
6. Dead Of The Night (Demon Flight)
7. Fighting Backwards (Pandemonium)
8. Kick You Down (Malice)
9. Hit The Lights (Metallica)

This is the first recorded appearance of the infamous foursome, Metallica. The bands that they share this compilation with were metal bands of the time. Influenced by the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (which included bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Saxon) but played with the fury of punk rock, this is where thrash metal really started. - Bradley Torreano (All Music Guide)

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