The Sword
Hot Sauce Giveaway Contest Entry Details

Hand-crafted to the band's specifications in their hometown of Austin, Texas by hot sauce artisan Brian Rush at Tears of Joy, The Sword's Tears of Fire Hot Sauce will unleash a supernova of searing heat and rich flavor upon the unsuspecting palate. This singular concoction was limited to only one batch and is not available in stores. But there is a chance, however slim, that you might possess a bottle of your very own! The Sword will choose ten lucky winners to have their taste buds blown to the planet Acheron.

Just make a video explaining why your mouth must be rewarded with the flames from above then email the band a link to your video at

Semi-finalists will be selected and their videos will be posted on the band's YouTube page for voting. The top videos with the most "likes" will make it the finals where the band will choose the winners.

Deadline for Entry is April 20, 2011

Offensive and/or boring videos will be immediately deleted, and unless you're Francis Ford Coppola, keep it relatively short.
Be creative and have fun. Good luck.

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