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Release Date: September 18, 2020

01. Deliverance
02. Ritual
03. Triggerfinger
04. Calling You Back
05. Pacemaker
06. Dying
07. Pitbull
08. Love
09. Turbo Sex
10. Paradigm

In 2020, Fight The Fight's highly anticipated sophomore album, 'Deliverance', pushes the band's boundaries even further into new territories. Starting with a bouncy main riff in the album's title track, there's always an undertone of djent within Fight The Fight's groovy riffs. This young, fresh and dynamic drive leads to extremely catchy songs, but there are also these fiery, gritty black metal elements in some of the songs, which creates a great contrast. The combination of poppy song structures, melodic guitar lines, and the smashing upbeat drums keeps the songs throughout exciting.

'Deliverance' has the stompy power of Slipknot's heaviest songs, the grooviest elements of Lamb Of God, a crazy approach like Devin Townsend, and an overall smashing, but catchy sound comparable to Rammstein. All of the ten songs have their individual strengths, little details and refinements, making Fight The Fight one of the freshest, and most innovative metal bands out there while the band maintains an authentic rock'n'roll image.

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