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12" Gutter Choir #16217

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From Massachusetts, Hivesmasher represent "a giant middle finger waved in the world's general direction", in the band's own words. An all-out destructive force, rooted in grindcore but freely veering off into hardcore, death metal, or thrash at will, Hivesmasher proudly revel in a distinctly "New England" brand of bad vibes. Over hyper-rhythmic, fifth-gear bursts of aggression, frontman Aaron Heinold spits pure, hysterical disgust in humanity's eye. (One of the most visible, hardworking bands in the Northeast today, Hivesmasher are, despite their misanthropy, proof that the altruistic DIY ethic is alive and well in the underground!)

A true-to-life depiction of Hivesmasher's technical yet raw sound, the band's second album (and BMA debut) Gutter Choir was recorded entirely in "living rooms, closets, and basements" and is devoid of studio trickery. The album was engineered by Eric Braunschweiger and Hivesmasher guitarist Tyler Kingsland, mixed by Braunschweiger, and mastered by Brian Redmond. The album contains guest vocals from The Red Chord frontman and Black Market Activities boss Guy Kozowyk, as well as Fit for an Autopsy/Premonitions of War vocalist Nate Johnson and others.

For fans of: Pig Destroyer, Rotten Sound, Trap Them

Aaron Heinold - vocals
Tyler Kingsland - guitar
Julius Hayden - guitar
Ali Ghorashi - bass
Tim Brault - drums
Dan Bolton - keys

Guy Kozowyk (The Red Chord) - vocals on "Can of Awesometism"
Nate Johnson (Fit for an Autopsy) - vocals on "Vomitouch" and "No Structure, Total Violence"
Jake Burns (Pathogenic) - vocals on "Used Food"
Eric Taranto (Dysentery) - vocals on "Ugly Cat"

Track Listing:
1. Bye Bye Baby
2. Vomitouch
3. Strangled Beings and Vice Versa
4. Can of Awesometism
5. Shooting at Apparitions
6. En Route to Meatland
7. Used Food
8. The Shit Waltz
9. Damaged P(inc)
10. The Dirty Black Cloud
11. No Structure Total Violence
12. Ugly Cat
13. Lust in Creation's Wake
14. And They Thought We'd Forget
15. Save the Magic for Tomorrow
16. Vulture Assassin
17. Send Me to Satan

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