2x12" Weedsconsin (Deluxe) #105165

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Bongzilla "Weedsconsin (Deluxe)" 2xLP

New incredible DELUXE EDITION of the highly acclaimed BONGZILLA album WEEDSCONSIN.

The new version comes in a gatefold sleeve with new cover, new tracklist including the original album tracks + the Doom Sessions Vol.4 songs + 1 previously unreleased track.

This record travels down a path of heavy riffs, mind-expanding jams, sonic tones, and stomping beats in the band's first release as a thunderous three piece, with Muleboy moving from guitar to bass. Approaching these songs as a three piece has created more space musically and allowed the band to showcase their musicianship in a different way. It results in a sound that is very heavy, along the lines of Gateway tone-wise, but sonically more clear.

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