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CD + Zipup Hoodie + Sticker Earth Rocker Zipper CD Bundle #17904

Earth Rocker Zipper CD Bundle See Larger Images and Variations


Release Date: March 19, 2013

Clutch's highly anticipated, brand new, full length album: Earth Rocker has already received towering accolades from those that have heard snippets of the album. Some taste makers immediately notice that Clutch have gone heavier and faster than ever before. Others liken their new songs to the beating heart of 21st century rock'n'roll.

1. Earth Rocker
2. Crucial Velocity
3. Mr. Freedom
4. D.C. Sound Attack!
5. Unto the Breach
6. Gone Cold
7. The Face
8. Book, Saddle, and Go
9. Cyborg Bette
10. Oh, Isabella
11. The Wolf Man Kindly Requests...

Bundle Includes
- Zipper Hoodie
- Gatefold Wallet CD
- 4" Vinyl Sticker

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