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Snare Drum Earth Rocker Custom Charity Snare and Case #23814

Earth Rocker Custom Charity Snare and Case See Larger Images and Variations


Clutch is proud to present the Earth Rocker Custom Charity Snare and Case. These drums were designed and built by Chase Lapp of Lapp's Traps ( and Jean-Paul Gaster.

Each drum is wrapped in classic white marine pearl and beautifully detailed with the four Earth Rocker faces featured in the artwork for Clutch's latest album, Earth Rocker. These images are the work of longtime Clutch artist Nick Lakiotes. Though visually stunning these drums are not just collector's items.

The Earth Rocker charity snares are built to be played in any number of musical settings. The all-aluminum Trick throw off provides smooth and detailed snare adjustment. The 10-ply maple shell is outfitted with 10 classic Slingerland style lugs and stick saver hoops. Precisely cut dual 45 degree bearing edges accommodate a wide range of tuning possibilities and allow the drum to perform dynamically in any musical style.

Only 5 Earth Rocker drums were built. Each drum comes numbered 1 through 5. Each drum's head is signed by the band and each drum is shipped in a unique, customized snare bag detailed with both the Clutch logo and grounded earth design patches.

100% of proceeds will go to five great charity causes. Take this opportunity to add one of these beautiful drums to your collection and to put funds towards some truly worthy causes.

Drum #1 goes to the Mark Crespin memorial fund.

Drum # 2 goes to the Josh Burdette scholarship fund.

Drum#3 goes to the St Jude children's cancer fund.

Drum #4 goes to the ASPCA.

Drum #5 goes to help kids with SMA get iPads.

Thank you for your support!

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