Despised Icon Déterré EP 10"
Déterré EP
Déterré EP Déterré EP

Despised Icon Déterré EP 10"


Release Date: October 28, 2022

PLEASE BE ADVISED: This is a pre-order item, expected to ship on/around October 21st.

Montreal Deathcore OG’s DESPISED ICON are celebrating their 20-year anniversary via a special rarities collection EP entitled DÉTERRÉ.

DÉTERRÉ means ‘Unearthed" in French. This is exactly what the latest release from DESPISED ICON is. The EP consists of 5 old-school songs dating back to 2004. It seemed fitting to remaster and re-release these early recordings to celebrate the 20-year anniversary of the band, which took form in 2002.

DÉTERRÉ was recorded throughout 2004 by Yannick St-Amand at Wild studio for a few songs and drums at Studio Victor while guitars, bass, and vocals by J-F Dagenais at his home studio. The band produced the album and mixing was a joint effort between Yannick St-Amand; and Jean-François Dagenais. Alexandre Goulet created the artwork for the EP.

Unearthed after 17 years and available on cassette tape and 10” vinyl formats for the very first time, the five demo tracks on DÉTERRÉ capture the energy and excitement of that era.

1. Warm Blooded
2. Bulletproof Scales
3. One Last Martini
4. Oval Shaped Incisions
4. Sever The Ties

This band-exclusive edition 10" is limited to only 400 copies worldwide!