Fatso Jetson Idle Hands 12"
Idle Hands

Fatso Jetson Idle Hands 12"

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Fatso Jetson "Idle Hands" LP

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"Idle Hands" ...Fatso Jetson's latest album and the first in six years, the word “inimitable” comes to mind, and maybe part of the reason they’re so ready to slip into and out of the bizarre is that Fatso Jetson have never really fit in to one idea of what rock music should be. They continue here to toy with the form, and as a summation of the last several years’ of their ongoing progression, Idle Hands delivers their peculiar charm in a batch of quality songs that underscore how special a band they always have been. Further, Idle Hands proves that aside from being one of the essential, formative acts of California’s original desert rock movement, Fatso Jetson are a band who’ve never found reason to compromise their individuality or draw back the reins on inspiration.

Their progression has never stopped and one expects that for as long as they continue to make music, they will keep moving forward on a variety of levels. Fatso Jetson are and remain Fatso Jetson, and whether a given listener is a newcomer to their work or a longtime follower, the scope that they encompass is ripe for appreciation.

Wire Wheels and Robots
Portuguese Dream
Royal Family
Nervous Eater
Last of the Good Times
Then and Now
The Vincent Letter
48 Hours
Dream Homes
Idle Hands

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