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Release Date: April 27, 2007

1. Nothing To Prove
2. My Terrifying Ally
3. I Die At 35
4. Revelry
5. Stricken
6. The Twisted Ladder
7. Feral Dreamer
8. The Law You Have Sworn
9. Forward Thinking
10. Yawning Of The Gale
11. Everything Tough
12. Blood Of A Ghost
13. Monument

BEYOND THE SIXTH SEAL is about having a good time. This band continues to make rock’n’roll the way the universe intended it. How did the universe intend it you ask?

Well of course by including wolves, werewolves, headbanging, dinosaurs, volcanoes, thrashing, lava, storms, beer, boulders, stuff getting blown up, stuff getting kicked, vikings tearing shit up, death metal, bears eating people, Nature kicking humanity's ass HARD, whirlwinds of doom, low growls, wings of heavy metal demons spinning out of control in a tornado of destructive energy, owls, hamburgers, mountains kicking your ass, craters and chasms swallowing you whole, giants, stone wizards, lizards and lizard wizards, epic landscapes and partying that is so brutal you will dissolve into a puddle of worthless crap.

"Get ready for the resurrection of everything tough!" - Gunface

Metal Blade Records item #146152

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