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The band's ninth studio album and first featuring new vocalist Herbie Langhans (Avantasia).

Each time Firewind released an album over the last 20 years, it wasn’t just the brilliancy of exceptional guitarist Gus G that fans were in awe of, but also the skills of every one of the band’s vocalists.

Fantastic riffs, hooks and solos by the gifted hands of guitarist Gus aside, it’s the great vocal melody – an integral part of every Firewind song – that’s causing a stir. In that respect nothing has changed in their newest album, quite the contrary: with his charismatic voice new member Herbie Langhans refines each and every last one of the eleven new songs and infuses them with an expressive force that is remarkable. Gus states: "This is a rebirth of Firewind and a new chapter in our musical history!"

Track List:

  1. Welcome to the Empire
  2. Devour
  3. Rising Fire
  4. Break Away
  5. Orbitual Sunrise
  6. Longing to Know You
  7. Perfect Stranger
  8. Overdrive
  9. All My Life
  10. Space Cowboy
  11. Kill the Pain
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