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Audio Cassettes "From Static and Misery" Cassette / Dropcard #19530

"From Static and Misery" Cassette / Dropcard See Larger Images and Variations


Release Date: April 23, 2013

DEADLEVEL is a two piece CHICAGO based industrial / sludge band. Members JOHN FINALDI and JASON ZDORA have collaborated in numerous punk bands since 1997 including SUBURBAN REFUGEE, PRONOUNCED DEAD, KUNGFU RICK, CHRONIC BLEEDING SYNDROME, DESTROY THE FOUNDATION, and PIT OF SPIKES.

"From Static and Misery" is DEADLEVEL'S 5 song debut release, spewing forth a maniacal blend of static, distortion, screams, drums, and guitars. This cassette with DOWNLOAD CARD release is LIMITED to 100 copies!!!!

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