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Release Date: December 9, 2014

Hailing from the windiest of cities, Little Dave Merriman is a man who loves to play guitar and sing songs that he has written. While some would label this type of man as a "singer/songwriter", others really don't care for labels, man. For 18 years now, Dave has played guitar and sings in renowned punk band The Arrivals. He also plays some mean keys in Treasure Fleet (who, like The Arrivals, have released a few albums on Recess Records), and sings in a GBV tribute band called The Textbook Committee. It now seems like he wasn’t busy enough…

On his debut solo record, "Odd Bird", Little Dave extends himself with an eclectic mix of folky, upbeat jams that would cause even the surliest of sparrows to cackle with cheer. He plays nearly every instrument on nearly every song on the record (sans a couple), wrapping his dynamic songwriting and infectious hooks in a landscape of his making. It’s like peering right into his Aquarian brain. "Odd Bird" is the output of Little Dave expanding beyond his punk roots, exploring optimism, and building on a body of work that is 20 years in the making.

"Odd Bird" will be released on cassette and digital download via Hewhocorrupts Inc on December 2nd. A special limited edition version of the release, with purple cassette shell limited to 50, will be available at the record release show for "Odd Bird". A portion of the proceeds from the release will be donated to the District 218 Music Program at Eisenhower High School (http://chsd218.eisenhower.schoolfusion.us/) and the Peace Corner (http://www.thepeacecorner.org/).

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