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ferocious: marked by unrelenting intensity; extreme.
heights; exalt.

These two words embody the sonic, visionary, and aesthetic experience that is Chicago�s industrial metal duo, PLAGUE BRINGER. Featuring guitarist/drum programmer, Greg Ratajczak and vocalist Josh Rosenthal, PLAGUE BRINGER is an ever-evolving project whose mission to be as progressive as it is aggressive, has garnered comparisons across the 'heavy' music spectrum from TOOL to GODFLESH to PIG DESTROYER.

'Life Songs in a Land of Death', PLAGUE BRINGER's sophomore release and their first for HeWhoCorrupts INC, is the product of over two years of creative fervor, merciless judgment, and obsessive attention to detail both artistically and conceptually. The album satisfies the duo's selfish need to create intelligent, relevant, and personal art which also aims to captivate listeners by drawing them into a ferocious and uncomfortable yet rewarding and uplifting sonic experience. Thematically, the album addresses ideas of self realization through adversity, the death of the impassioned, and the search and discovery of beauty beneath filth. The album was mastered by Scott Hull at Visceral Sound and is the follow up to 2005's acclaimed debut full length, 'As the Ghosts Collect, The Corpses Rest' (Seventh Rule Recordings/Lo Fi Violence).

PLAGUE BRINGER formed in December of 2002, shortly after Ratajczak's work at Clava Studios with producer/engineer BRIAN DECK and MODEST MOUSE on "The Moon and Antarctica". Ratajczak asked long time friend and artistic collaborator, Rosenthal, to contribute his unique writing style to the project and provide lyrics that when read and reflected upon, unveil deeper layers of meaning to the reader. Ratajczak began the project with and has chosen to continue using the drum machine, which is just as significant to the PLAGUE BRINGER sound, both live and in the studio, as either human member.

PLAGUE BRINGER has established a strong presence in the metal underground. Consistent shows throughout the Midwest and several tours to the East coast afforded the group the opportunity to share stages with the likes of BRUTAL TRUTH, PIG DESTROYER, DEICIDE, KHANATE, the RED CHORD, and RUSSIAN CIRCLES.

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