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Metallic Green
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Release Date: May 6, 2019

PLEASE NOTE: Due to a change in production, the Red Velvet color vinyl is now Emerald City Metallic Green color vinyl.

Available worldwide May 6, 2019 is Kyle Shutt’s (The Sword, Doom Side of the Moon) debut solo album featuring him on every instrument and vocals! High octane rock ‘n’ roll as played by a true lifer, this album will be your feel good hit of the summer, all on limited edition, sexy “Red Velvet” vinyl!

Track listing:
1. Big City

2. I Can’t Dance

3. Too Much Time, Too Much Money

4. Set You All On Fire

5. Awake

6. Ain’t Going Out Tonight

7. We Still Smoke

8. Barcelona

9. Stronger Than The Earth

10. No Reply

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