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Release Date: January 6, 2009

1. Jesu Juva
2. Soli Deo Gloria
3. Break The Fangs Of The Wicked
4. Pearls Before Swine
5. Kingdom Of Might (The Eclipse)
6. Kingdom Of Might (Dawn In The Darkness)
7. Sounding Jerusalem
8. Sons Of Thunder
9. The Seven Braids Of Samson
10. Like Jasper And Carnelian
11. Golgotha

Chillicothe, Ohioโ€™s, Woe of Tyrants, simply put, shred; they play metal music with little regard to scenes and sub genres. They are five guys dead-set on playing metal the way they want to and mix the best of death, thrash, and power metal in a concoction that defies pigeon-holing. Combine the vintage sounds of Testament and Metallica, brutal death metal, epic power metal, and even some southern fried flair thrown on top, and you have what has become known as Woe of Tyrants.

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