Ancient God Loves The Dead CDs
God Loves The Dead

Ancient God Loves The Dead CDs

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Release Date: May 19, 2001

1. God Loves The Dead
2. Trolltaar - 2000
3. Powerslave
4. The Draining - Remix
5. Um Sonho Psycodelico - Remix
6. God Love The Dead (Videoclip)
7. Um Sonho Psicodelico (Videoclip)

Black metal band Ancient began in 1992 as the solo project of guitarist/composer Aphazel, soon expanding to a duo with the addition of vocalist/drummer Grimm; after selling out the entire pressing of their initial demo Eerily Howling Winds, in 1994 the two issued their full-length debut Svartalvheim, followed a year later by the EP Trolltaar. After Grimm's exit, Aphazel relocated from his native Norway to the U.S., forming a new Ancient line-up.

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