Unearth The Oncoming Storm (Special Edition) CD/DVD
The Oncoming Storm (Special Edition)

Unearth The Oncoming Storm (Special Edition) CD/DVD

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Release Date: October 14, 2005

1. The Great Dividers
2. Failure
3. This Lying World
4. Black Hearts Now Reign
5. Zombie Autopilot
6. Bloodlust of the Human Condition
7. Lie to Purify
8. Endless
9. Aries
10. Predetermined Sky
11. False Idols
12. One Step Away
13. The Charm

1. Original EPK
2. Eye Of The Oncoming Storm
3. The Great Dividers
4. Endless
5. Zombie Autopilot
6. Black Hearts Now Reign

Hailing from Massachusetts, the virtual metal and hardcore capital of North America, Unearth bring a new sense of talent with charismatic riffs, thought provoking lyrics and pummeling breakdowns. Unearth masterfully combine an intoxicating mix of American and European metal with hardcore ethic and punch. This unique approach makes Unearth one of the most abrasive, commanding and emotionally charged groups in the underground scene today.

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