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Swarm! See Larger Images and Variations
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Release Date: February 17, 2006

1. Swarm!
2. Forever Dead
3. A Funeral For The Masses
4. Multiple Counts Of Murder
5. Obsessed With Homicide
6. Sadistic
7. Cannibal Gluttony
8. I Killed You
9. Heading Towards The Butchery
10. A Violent Scene Of Death

Torture Killer first started out as a fun project during the spring of 2002 when the guys hung out at their rehearsal room drinking beer and playing their favorite Six Feet Under and Obituary songs. After a couple of months a sudden possibility to play live at a local metal show rose out of nowhere and after a small discussion they agreed to perform a set of SFU cover songs. The band name was chosen after a track they were to play that night: Torture Killer. After that weekend they decided to try writing similar material of their own.

Chris Barnes contacted Torture Killer in October 2004, with a very supportive and friendly note. The name Torture Killer caught his attention and he was intrigued enough to check the band out. This is when Barnes offered to step in as the new Torture Killer vocalist and that he would handle the vocals on Swarm!

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