The Red Chord Clients (Deluxe Edition) CDs
Clients (Deluxe Edition)

The Red Chord Clients (Deluxe Edition) CDs

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Release Date: June 23, 2006

1. Fixation On Plastics
2. Lay The Tarp
3. Black Santa
4. Antman
5. Clients
6. Upper Decker
7. Hospice Residence
8. Dragon Wagon
9. Love On The Concrete
10. Blue Line Cretin
11. He Was Dead When I Got There
12. 7 Seconds Of Screaming
13. Antman (Live)
14. Blue Line (Live)
15. Bread Pants
16. Black Santa (Live)
17. Ugly (Live)
18. Dreaming In Dog Years (Live)
19. Pile Up (Live)
20. Lay The Tarp (Demo)
21. Black Santa (Demo)
22. "Yeah, We Did It!"

- Stache Attack Video
- Antman Video

The Red Chord is a grind-hardcore band from the north shore area of Massachusetts whose collective goal is to push the extremes of aggressive music and to combine the best aspects of the hardcore, death, grind and metal genres.

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