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CD From Your Grave #11102

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Release Date: September 2, 2005

1. Intro
2. A Breath Beneath
3. Necropolis
4. From Your Grave
5. Heaven Ablaze
6. Summoning The Darkness
7. Shattered
8. I, Deceiver
9. My Ruin
10. Seven Demons

From Your Grave shows how the Absence has matured as musicians and as a band and sees the guys playing more from the heart than ever before. “The basic theme of the album is pretty much whatever kills you, not necessarily physically, but mentally or emotionally, you just have to get over it. Rise from your mistakes. Rise “From Your Grave”; learn from your mistakes and move on to make yourself a better person and think you before you make the same mistakes,” states drummer Jeramie Kling. From Your Grave is a brutal yet melodious death metal album that is sure to be a breath of fresh air to all fans of metal who have been inundated by bland and unoriginal acts that seem to be taking over the current scene. The band not only delivers on the album but once on the stage they take command of their audience and blast them with their heavy brand of melodic death metal constantly gaining themselves new fans.

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