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Release Date: February 5, 2008

1. Gorification
2. The Parasites
3. Apocalyptic Feasting
4. Swine Slaughter
5. Forcefed Human Shit
6. Consumed By The Dead
7. Revelation
8. Bury The Living
9. The Depths Of Darkness
10. Sadistic Abductive

Through combining pure brutality, an insane level of musicianship, and catchy yet searing riffs, BRAIN DRILL manages to accomplish creating a truly prolific and memorable brand of death metal with their Metal Blade Records debut Apocalyptic Feasting. BRAIN DRILL proves that death metal can be technical yet catchy, vicious yet cultured, intricate yet completely listenable. Upon pressing play, listeners will be blasted by drummer Lord Marco Pitruzzella's speed and dexterity, guitarist Dylan Ruskin and bassist Jeff Hughell's complexly scorching riffs and technique, and vocalists Steve Rathjen's combination of low growls and blistering screams.

Here's what Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse, bassist for one of the all time top selling death metal bands, has to say about Brain Drill: "Brain Drill are one of the most musically over the top bands I have ever heard. They are truly raising the bar for technicality, velocity, and overall extremity in death metal." And according to "The future of drumming is at hand! Marco's creativity, speed, control, and ability to listen and learn, are some of the characteristics I would use to describe his immense talent".

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