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CD Repulsive Conception #11174

Repulsive Conception See Larger Images and Variations


Release Date: April 14, 1995

1. Dilation And Extraction
2. Grind Box
3. Chewed To Stubs
4. Engorged With Impiety
5. Swallowed Whole
6. Erotic Zoophilism
7. Pitbull Grin
8. Into The Necrosphere
9. Essence Of Human Pain
10. The Internal Twin
11. Penis Envy
12. For Only The Sick
13. Freezer Burnt
14. Imprimis Obscurity
15. Captain Howdy

Chicago-based black metal band Broken Hope was formed by singer Joe Ptacek, guitarist Jeremy Wagner and drummer Ryan Stanek following the dissolution of their previous band, Crypt; adding lead guitarist Brian Griffin and bassist Ed Hughes, the group's early demos soon earned a contract with Grindcore Records, and in 1991 they issued their debut LP Swamped in Gore. Jumping to Metal Blade, Broken Hope resurfaced in 1993 with Bowels of Repugnance; replacing Hughes with ex-Sindrome bassist Shaun Glass, the band next issued 1995's Repulsive Conception, followed two years later by Loathing. - Jason Ankeny (All Music Guide)

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