November 5th, 1955 Bears Of The Sea CDs
Bears Of The Sea

November 5th, 1955 Bears Of The Sea CDs

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Release Date: February 19, 2008

1. The Ambassador To Sarajevo
2. We Are. (Rainbow Bridge)
3. Jelly Side Down
4. Once A Victim, Twice A Volunteer
5. Canada Is For Liars
6. Functionaries
7. Precursor
8. (S)march On
9. Paint Yourself Out
10. A Farewell Waltz

Formed in the autumn of 2004, November 5th, 1955 is a Boston-based post-hardcore act containing members from countless bands (Sluts, ex- Burn Your Wishes, ex-Pictures of Gabriel) who all share the passion of creating an interesting and progressive sound without losing a digestible musical sensibility. This stems from the bands' unique approach to songwriting and structuring, as well as the diverse musicianship skills and backgrounds that each of the members brings to the table. Ultimately, the band wishes to continue to create music that excites and challenges them, as well as perform it for as many ears as will possibly listen. Bears of the Sea contains many unexpected sharp turns, both in mood and in dynamics, making it a must-listen for anyone who thinks they've "heard it all".

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