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CD 10 Years Live Not Dead #11250

10 Years Live Not Dead See Larger Images and Variations


Release Date: May 5, 2000

1. Dead Man Walking
2. Buried Into Obscurity
3. Medley
4. Martyrs
5. Peace in the Galaxy
6. Hammer of God
7. Influence
8. Steve Thanks
9. Maphibosheth
10. Chapel of Hope
11. Liberal Mediocrity
12. God Rulz
13. King of Kings

Australian Extreme Metal three piece Mortification celebrated 10 years of churning out album after album with the recording of a live album.”10 Years Live not Dead”. Recorded in Australia, it covers the full spectrum from all nine studio albums. It also includes a new tune titled “ Dead Man Walking”, which covers bassist/vocalist Steve Rowe’s victory over the deadly cancer Leukemia. The inner sleeve feature’s some brutal photo’s of Steve during his fight with cancer.

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