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Release Date: June 9, 2009

1. Warlords
2. Rule By Secrecy
3. Only The Dead
4. Atrum Inritus
5. Corpus Imperium
6. Monolithic Apparatus
7. The Harbinger
8. Enslaved
9. Awakening
10. Living Proof
11. The Dawn Of Ascendency

Molotov Solution delivers a violent and brooding sound, with a strong politically driven message that this world is only getting worse as each day goes by. Formed in January of 2004, the band has been working diligently on crafting their destructive and pummeling sound that they are known for over the years. Molotov Solution has been seen destroying everything in their path on tour with such acts as Whitechapel, Impending Doom, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Knights of the Abyss, and Elysia just to name a few. 2008 brought the band much success as they solidified their current roster with the strongest line up they have ever seen and gained the attention of renowned metal label, Metal Blade Records.

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