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CD Metal Massacre 13 #11261

Metal Massacre 13 See Larger Images and Variations
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Release Date: June 9, 2006

1. Leaving All Behind (Cellador)
2. Miasma (The Black Dahlia Murder)
3. Shadow Of The Reaper (Six Feet Under)
4. Swarm! (Torture Killer)
5. Vagrant Idol (Demiricous)
6. Alien Angel (3)
7. The Killchain (Bolt Thrower)
8. Dead Before I Stray (Into The Moat)
9. Fixation On Plastics (The Red Chord)
10. Sterling Black Icon (Fragments Of Unbecoming)
11. Bleed The Meek (Paths Of Possession)
12. From Your Grave (The Absence)
13. Sigma Enigma (God Dethroned)
14. The Pursuit Of Vikings (Amon Amarth)
15. Kiss Me Now Kill Me Later (Machinemade God)
16. One With The Ocean (The Ocean)
17. His Imperial Victory (And The Hero Fails)
18. Cult (Gaza)
19. Echo Of Cries (End It All)

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