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DVD Metal Blade Records 25th Year In Videos #11265

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Release Date: January 22, 2008

1. Unearth "Sanctity Of Brothers"
2. Amon Amarth "Cry Of The Black Birds"
3. Six Feet Under "Ghosts Of The Undead"
4. Job For A Cowboy "Embedded"
5. Goatwhore "Forever Consumed Oblivion"
6. As I Lay Dying "Nothing Left"
7. The Black Dahlia Murder "What A Horrible Night To Have..."
8. The Red Chord "Dread Prevailed"
9. Evergreen Terrace "Chaney Can't Quite Riff Like Helmet's..."
10. Unearth "This Glorious Nightmare"
11. Six Feet Under "Doomsday"
12. 3 "All That Remains"
13. Autumn "Satellites"

In 2007, Metal Blade Records released some of the biggest titles in the labels' history garnering five Billboard Top 200 debuts, a first time feat for the label. The 25th Year In Videos brings together all the production videos shot for Metal Blade artists in 2007 including Unearth, Amon Amarth, Job For a Cowboy, As I Lay Dying, Three, and much more.

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