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Release Date: August 7, 1998

1. I Will Kill You (Cannibal Corpse)
2. Victorious March (Amon Amarth)
3. The Grand Grimoire (God Dethroned)
4. The Draining (Ancient)
5. The Fire Eternal (Dark Funeral)
6. Territory Loss (The Everdawn)
7. Lamia (Lord Belial)
8. Trail Of Tears (Gates Of Ishtar)
9. Metallic Warlust (Defleshed)
10. An Ode For A Haunted Wood (Hecate Enthroned)
11. All Things Are Made To End (Midvinter)
12. Shadows Of The Past (Mithotyn)
13. Ha Shaitan (Enthroned)
14. Morte Al Potere (Ancient)
15. Tomorrow's Victim (Six Feet Under)

At a time when death metal had gained widespread popularity throughout the world, yet also lost much of its pioneering spirit in that push towards mass exposure, Metal Blade Records sure weren't afraid to declare their continued faith in the genre with this 1998 compilation, Deathmeister, Vol. 1. And, to that purpose, Deathmeister, Vol. 1 was certainly well equipped, packaging a total of 15 songs by 14 bands. - Eduardo Rivadavia (All Music Guide)

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