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CD/DVD Vile (25th Anniversary Edition) #11296

Vile (25th Anniversary Edition) See Larger Images and Variations
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Release Date: March 2, 2007

1. Devoured By Vermin
2. Mummified In Barbed Wire
3. Perverse Suffering
4. Disfigured
5. Bloodlands
6. Puncture Wound Massacre
7. Relentless Beating
8. Absolute Hatred
9. Eaten From Inside
10. Orgasm Through Torture
11. Monolith
1. Perverse Suffering
2. Stripped, Raped, And Strangled
3. Covered With Sores
4. Monolith
5. Addicted To Vaginal Skin
6. Force Fed Broken Glass
7. Fucked With A Knife
8. Gutted
9. Bloodlands
10. Shredded Humans
11. Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead
12. A Skull Full Of Maggots
13. Devoured By Vermin
14. Hammer Smashed Face
15. Pulverized
16. Puncture Wound Massacre
17. Mummified In Barbed Wire
18. Orgasm Through Torture

Cannibal Corpse was formed in Buffalo, NY, in 1988, their lineup composed of vocalist Chris Barnes, guitarists Bob Rusay and Jack Owen, bassist Alex Webster, and drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz. Musically, they were closest to Slayer, although more extreme metal bands like Death also played a role in their sound. A 1989 demo helped the band secure a contract with Metal Blade Records, which released their debut album, Eaten Back to Life, in 1990. A cult following began to build behind the group with albums like 1991's Butchered at Birth and 1992's Tomb of the Mutilated. Bob Rusay was fired in 1993 and replaced with ex-Malevolent Creation guitarist Rob Barrett, who joined the group in time to appear as a club band in the Jim Carrey film Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.

Barrett debuted on record with 1994's (relatively) The Bleeding, which proved to be Barnes' final album; 1996's Vile featured ex-Monstrosity vocalist George Corpsegrinder" Fisher. Cannibal Corpse soldiered on through the decade, returning in 1998 with Gallery of Suicide. Bloodthirst followed a year later, and in 2000 the band issued both a video and CD titled Live Cannibalism. Gore Obsessed arrived in 2002, followed by the obsessively packaged box set/DVD 15 Year Killing Spree. Their ninth album of all new material, Wretched Spawn, was released in 2004, followed by Kill in 2006. - Steve Huey (All Music Guide)

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