Litmus Aurora CD

Litmus Aurora CD

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Release Date: August 18, 2009

1. Beyond The Sun
2. In The Burning Light
3. Eos
4. Miles Away
5. Stars
6. Kings Of Infinite Space
7. Ma:55on Rift
8. Red Skies

The overriding atmosphere that Aurora summons up is warmer and more utopian one than the more foreboding realm of their 2007 Rise Above debut Planetfall, a landscape where glorious cascades of mellotron collide with kaleidoscopic synthesizer textures, all atop a bedrock of driving riffage that owes as much to the gritty edge of The Who or the motorik drive of Neu! as if does to Warrior On The Edge Of Time-era Hawkwind. Whats more, whilst there are no shortages to be had of the full-throttle, longform jamming wig-outs that have become Litmus trademark, the vistas that Aurora brings forth also encompass kosmische instrumental passages like the gloriously blissed-out Eos, the Voviod-meets-Robert Calvert sci-fi-punk avalanche of Stars and arguably the albums centrepiece, the Spiritualized-tinged mantric dronerock nirvana of Kings Of Infinite Space.

Regaining the outlaw spirit, adventurous joie-de-vivre and widescreen sweep of their forebears, yet setting their course for the starry unknown, Litmus are surfing a maverick pathway twixt the lysergic dreams of yore and the accelerating intensity of the future. Space cadets old and new, embark. You have nothing to lose but your inhibitions.

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