King Diamond Give Me Your Soul...Please CD
Give Me Your Soul...Please

King Diamond Give Me Your Soul...Please CD

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Release Date: June 22, 2007

1. The Dead
2. Never Ending Hill
3. Is Anybody Here?
4. Black Of Night
5. Mirror Mirror
6. The Cellar
7. Pictures In Red
8. Give Me Your Soul
9. The Floating Head
10. Cold As Ice
11. Shapes of Black
12. The Girl In The Bloody Dress
13. Moving On

Give Me Your Soul...Please is a blistering metal �horror-opera concept album� that draws from themes from the occult and both King Diamond�s personal life, after-life experiences, as well as King Diamond�s signature dark imagination. The result is a montage of murder mysteries meets nightmare dream sequences wrapped in a proto-power-metal soundtrack. �It�s a horror murder mystery story mixed with reality from beginning to end� he describes.

�I feel this is our strongest album� admits King Diamond �It�s very theatrical and especially from a technical point of view, all the instruments and arrangements can be heard so clearly, from the demonic voices, backing vocals to the cellos, harpsichord� The vocals are clear, more intricate and less compressed. The performance from the band is also great�.

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