Job For A Cowboy Genesis CD

Job For A Cowboy Genesis CD

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Release Date: May 11, 2007

1. Bearing The Serpents Lamb
2. Reduced To Mere Filth
3. Altered From Catechization
4. Upheaval
5. Embedded
6. Strings Of Hypocrisy
7. Martyrdom Unsealed
8. Blasphemy
9. The Divine Falsehood
10. Coalescing Prophecy

Glendale, AZ extreme metal unit JOB FOR A COWBOY blend stunning musicianship and cutting edge song craft to create the absolute embodiment of modern day extreme music. The fast-rising band, known for their intense songs, explosive live performances and forward thinking vision, released their highly anticipated full-length debut, entitled "GENESIS" in 2007.

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