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CD Ninth Order Extinct #11350

Ninth Order Extinct See Larger Images and Variations
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Release Date: July 9, 2004

1. Wide Of The Mark
2. Grand Future Disease
3. Winged With Fire
4. File Under Torture
5. Cross-Fixed
6. Shadows Of The Watcher
7. Christless Ways
8. Infinite Time Decay
9. A Plague Of Their Own
10. Overdose On Purity

Incapacity was formed in the late summer of 2002 by Anders Edlund (SOLAR DAWN), who approached his long-time friend Robert Skoog Ivarsson (PAN-THY-MONIUM, ASHES, WOUNDED KNEE, FETT) with the idea of starting an old-school-sounding thrash/death metal band.

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