Disillusion Back To Times Of Splendor CD
Back To Times Of Splendor

Disillusion Back To Times Of Splendor CD

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Release Date: April 2, 2004

1. And The Mirror Cracked
2. Fall
3. Alone I Stand In Fires
4. Back To Times Of Splendor
5. A Day By The Lake
6. The Sleep Of Restless Hours

Led by mastermind Vurtox, the band took over a year and a half to write and eight months to record what seems like a virtual world. Inside this world, a moving story of passion and drama unfolds in wild, bizarre and romantic landscapes: grandiose feelings, inexorable destinies, triumph and tragedy.

"Back To Times Of Splendor" is DISILLUSION's first full-length album. It is the soundtrack to this story.

It's not necessary to explain the story – it's there to grasp by just listening to the album: big cinema inside the mind, in widescreen and cinemascope. A large amount of breaks can be found in each song, but never sounding forced or unnatural. The music flows through picturesque landscapes, sometimes roaring powerfully through bizarre canyons, sometimes clashing with massive boulders, sometimes flowing through epic valleys of green.

The tried and tested foundation on which the whole is built is the technical guitar work for which DISILLUSION are already well known. Add to this some stunningly varied vocals: hectic screams, surprisingly intelligible grunts, elegiac clear vocals, which are nothing but pop music in its most positive meaning, and, last but not least, sophisticated polyphonic choirs.

All this is held together by daring arrangements, which integrate a wide array of computer generated sounds into the mix. Especially prominent are the strings – for example, the celestial violin in the title track, which in its sheer complexity seems to be the monolithic centre of the sound massif. 14 minutes and 38 seconds length are compressed to a fraction in the subjective listening experience due to its compactness. Not only the sound was condensed, so was the time!

Catchy hooklines are all over the place – the charts could be filled with them for weeks on end. But DISILLUSION has withstood the temptation of burning out these flashes of melodic brilliance in endless loops. This way the melody lines sound purer and never get worn out.

The production process was hard and demanding. Boundaries were reached, pushed and crossed. The band took the time to be spontaneous, but used it also to perfect even the slightest detail. No less than four release dates had to be postponed, which is not the way things usually work on a debut album. But in the end, there are things that need their time, something that the responsible people at the record label had to acknowledge as well.

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