Falconer Falconer CD

Falconer Falconer CD

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Release Date: May 4, 2001

1. Upon The Grave Of Guilt
2. Heresy In Disguise
3. Wings Of Serenity
4. A Quest For The Crown
5. Mindtraveller
6. Entering Eternity
7. Royal Gallery
8. Substitutional World
9. Lord Of The Blacksmiths
10. The Past Still Lives On

Following the demise of Viking/folk-themed black metal band Mithotyn in 1999, Swedish guitarist/bassist Stefan Weinerhall and drummer Karsten Larsson took a right turn toward power metal with their next project, Falconer. Promising demos quickly landed the group a deal from America's Metal Blade, and Falconer distinguished themselves for meshing lingering traces of Scandinavian folk music into power metal. - Eduardo Rivadavia (All Music Guide)

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