Fates Warning Parallels (Expanded Edition) 2xCD/DVD
Parallels (Expanded Edition)

Fates Warning Parallels (Expanded Edition) 2xCD/DVD

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Release Date: March 16, 2010

Disc 1:
1. Leave the Past Behind
2. Life in Still Water
3. Eye to Eye
4. The Eleventh Hour
5. Point Of View
6. We Only Say Goodbye
7. Don't Follow Me
8. The Road Goes on Forever

Disc 2:
Parallels - recorded LIVE in Hollywood, CA January 23rd, 1992
Live tracks
1. Leave the Past Behind
2. Don't Follow Me
3. Eleventh Hour
4. Point of View
5. Eye to Eye
6. Nothing Left To Say
7. Quietus
8. Through Different Eyes
Demo tracks:
9. Leave the Past Behind
10. Eye to Eye
11. Eleventh Hour
12. Point of View
13. Don't Follow Me

80 Minute concert filmed LIVE in New Haven, CT February 13, 1992
Original Promotional Videos for Eye To Eye and Point Of View.
75 minute documentary on the making of Parallels. Includes: current interviews with all band members as well as acclaimed producer Terry Brown and Metal Blade Records CEO and founder, Brian Slagel. Plus, studio footage from the Parallels sessions and additional live performances from the 1992 tour.

The deluxe edition has been completely re-mastered and contains well over 3 hours of music and live footage. Parallels is the sixth record from the prog metal pioneers and was one of their most successful releases due to the commercial success of the singles Eye To Eye, Point Of View and We Only Say Goodbye. Also, James LaBrie of Dream Theater fame makes a guest appearance on the track Life In Still Water. Parallels has proven to be one of the most influential albums in the prog and metal genres, despite its hotly debated status among fans as a "commercial" sounding album.

Vocalist Ray Alder comments further, "I think it's one of the best albums we ever put out and I'm happy that fans have the chance to take a second look at this important record. The lineup, the songs and the cover art all came together to make a great package when originally recorded and the bonus DVD really adds a fresh perspective to the album."

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