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CD Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross #11463

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Release Date: November 23, 2010

1. The Declaration of War
2. Storm of Steel
3. Fire Storm
4. The Killing is Faceless
5. Under the Sign of the Iron Cross
6. Chaos Reigns at Dawn
7. Through Byzantine Hemispheres
8. The Red Baron
9. On Fields of Death & Desolation

"Under the Sign of the Iron Cross is the second concept album about World War One. The idea of doing concept albums is an old idea for which I somehow couldn't find the right topics until a young lad named Isaac Delahaye joined our band in 2004. He happened to live in a town called Ypres in Belgium and this town once was one of the centers of war activities in World War One. Being confronted with its history and being a history freak at the same time, it all became clear to me, this was the concept I was going to use for one of our albums. "Passiondale" turned out to be quite a success and my concept was picked up and appreciated by a lot of people. I felt I had to tell more about this war. It's such an unknown event to may people yet it had a major impact on life as we know it now.

Under the Sign of the Iron Cross tells about different happenings of the war; the battle of Verdun, the Schlieffen Plan and one of histories most well known fighter pilots, The Red Baron. Musically this album can again be classified a soundtrack to a war movie, but this time around the music is even more grim than on "Passiondale", but also includes some over the top hymnic and bombastic tunes that will stick in your brain forever." - Henri Sattler

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