Gwar Live From Antartica DVD
Live From Antartica

Gwar Live From Antartica DVD

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Release Date: January 1, 1990

1. Horror Of Yig
2. Black And Huge
3. The Years Without Light
4. World O Filth
5. Americanized
6. Maggots
7. Love Sugery
8. Jaques Cousteau
9. Dead Dog
10. Salaminizer
11. Sexecutioner
12. Sick Of You
13. Technosong
14. U Ain't Shit
15. Cool Place To Park

Sixty minutes of live material, along with additional concept material, including 15 songs, such as Horror of Yig, Black & Huge, World of Filth, more. Recorded live at the Sled Zone in Richmond, Virginia.

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