Gwar Violence Has Arrived CD
Violence Has Arrived

Gwar Violence Has Arrived CD

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Release Date: November 2, 2001

1. Hell Intro
2. Battle-Lust
3. Abyss Of Woe
4. Anti-Anti-Christ
5. The Apes Of Wrath
6. Immortal Corrupter
7. Beauteous Rot
8. Licksore
9. Bloody Mary
10. Biledriver
11. The Wheel
12. The Song Of Words
13. Happy Death-Day

Violence Has Arrived re-attains the brutal focus of their earlier albums. It is similar to Scumdogs, in that Oderus is now the dominant voice of the band again, and the theme is centered on generalized carnage. GWAR takes on more "medieval" themes this time around, such as torture ("The Wheel") and conjures up some truly ugly imagery in songs such as "Licksore", "Beauteous Rot", "Immortal Corrupter", and "The Apes of Wrath." "Biledriver" is about a fluid-spewing cannon, which can be seen in the "Immortal Corrupter" video and on tour.

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