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Release Date: October 12, 2010

1. The Eve of Battle
2. Operation Z
3. The Mukden Incident
4. Strategy of Attrition
5. Full Scale War
6. Guadalcanal
7. On Coral Shores
8. Unsung Heroes
9. Tokyo Napalm Holocaust
10. Kamikaze
11. To Bear the Unbearable

In the beginning of 2010 the band started work on their second full length album, another massive chunk of war-themed death metal. Singer/lyricist Martin van Drunen managed to come up with a new, intriguing concept. The rise and fall of the Japanese Empire. A new art of warfare where all modern day forces, Navy, Air force and Army were combined together for the very first time in history. Mick Koopman provided the striking artwork, which shows a distinct continuation of the HAIL OF BULLETS aesthetics. The album was produced by Ed Warby and like before the monstrous mix was in the capable hands of Mr. Swan. HAIL OF BULLETS go full scale war with 'On Divine Winds'!

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