Jim Florentine Cringe 'n' Purge CD/DVD
Cringe 'n' Purge

Jim Florentine Cringe 'n' Purge CD/DVD

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Release Date: October 25, 2011

01. No Apologies
02. Superstitions
03. Gay Guys
04. Old School Parents
05. Religion
06. Opening for Slayer
07. Hip Hop Stinks
08. Sex Jokes
09. Kids

DVD TRT: 25 Minutes

Metal Blade Records is pleased to welcome comedian and fellow metalhead JIM FLORENTINE to its roster. JIM FLORENTINE is a stand-up comedian, actor, writer, comedian, voice artist, and performer, who is currently co-hosting VH1 Classic's hit heavy metal talk show series "That Metal Show" alongside Eddie Trunk and now label-mate Don Jamieson. JIM FLORENTINE is best known for his work on Comedy Central's show Crank Yankers where he performed the voice of Special Ed, a mentally challenged teenager, and Bobby Fletcher, a despicable, alcoholic slob who is the older cousin of Ed. Recently, JIM FLORENTINE opened up the American Carnage Tour for Anthrax, Megadeth, and Slayer in arenas across the country. JIM FLORENTINE comments; "performing in front of 13,000 Slayer fans every night was insane! It was like emceeing a rape!" JIM FLORENTINE also appears in the feature film A Little Help (in theaters June 24) starring Jenna Fischer (Pam Beesley of The Office) and Chris O' Donnell (Scent of a Woman). JIM FLORENTINE plays the character Brian, who is Jenna Fischer's love interest in the film. A Little Help has already won best film in several different film festivals and JIM FLORENTINE appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! on June 22 to promote the movie.

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