Cattle Decapitation Stash Jar Smoking Accessories
Stash Jar
Stash Jar Stash Jar

Cattle Decapitation Stash Jar Smoking Accessories

Available: Expected to ship on or around May 5, 2023

Cattle Decapitation "Stash Jar"

- Official Cattle Decapitation merchandise

- 8oz USA-made mason jar with regular mouth CPSC childproof lid and cedar green Platinum Silicone Koozie  

- BPA free materials, smell-proof, prevents sunlight damage and is eco-friendly

The Cattle Decapitation stash jar is the best way to store and cure your flower and herbs for long term and on the go. For storing, the silicone sleeves insulates the glass jar from UV light, temperature fluctuations and makes the jar discrete. For traveling the jar is smell proof, drop proof and is the most child resistant compliant stash jars on the market for peace of mind.