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Release Date: April 24, 2012

01. Time Warrior
02. Road to Cairo
03. Crusaders of Death
04. On the Run
05. Watch Them Die
06. Second Assault
07. Spirit
08. Things I've Seen
09. Hard Bargain
10. Thunderflight

Second Assault hails back to the point in the early 70s when Heavy Metal was just starting to be defined. This was a time when a Uli Jon Roth-led Scorpions and a fledgling Judas Priest were where fusing the colossal riffs of Black Sabbath, Zeppelin and Grand Funk to the soulful virtuosity of Hendrix, Deep Purple and Wishbone Ash. Horisont can be found proudly jamming at the point where flares and cheesecloth shirts gave way to denim and leather.

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