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CD Don't Hear It…Fear It! #15117

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Release Date: August 28, 2012

01. Mark of the Beast
02. Devil's Island
03. iDeath
04. Killer Kane (Reprise)
05. Red Admiral Black Sunrise
06. Scratchin' & Sniffin'
07. The Last Run
08. Killer Kane
09. Bean Stew

Don't Hear It…Fear It! finds the Hastings threesome delivering the kind of greasy hard-rock thrills rarely heard in this climate of blind nostalgia and misjudged authenticity. It's hard 'n' heavy, without the marshmallow; it's old-fashioned yet so NOW that it hurts; it's a rock 'n' roll album made by people who give two shits and who've earned just a little 'me' time in the company of your ears.

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