Job For A Cowboy Campaign Bundle Bundles
Campaign Bundle
Campaign Bundle Campaign Bundle

Job For A Cowboy Campaign Bundle Bundles

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+ 18"x24" Color Poster (Ships separately rolled)
+ Two (2) 2.25" Pins (Stars & Stripes Pin, Goat Pin)
+ 8.5"x11" Sticker Sheet
+ 4"x6" Stick Flag (One-Sided)
+ Demonocracy CD (Digipak)

01. Children of Deceit
02. Nourishment Through Bloodshed
03. Imperium Wolves
04. Tongueless and Bound
05. Black Discharge
06. The Manipulation Stream
07. The Deity Misconception
08. Fearmonger
09. Tarnished Gluttony

Returning with their strongest line up to date and armed with Demonocracy, nine tracks of seething aggression and potent disgust, Job For A Cowboy have never sounded hungrier. Over the nine years of their existence the quintet have built a loyal fan base through their devotion to touring and a diehard commitment to creating relentlessly hostile, visceral, and involving music, and in 2012 they stand as one of the most exciting and inspiring bands in death metal.