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12" Sun Eater #28743

Sun Eater See Larger Images and Variations
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Release Date: November 11, 2014

+ Gatefold Vinyl
+ Limited Edition European Import

01. Eating the Visions of God
02. Sun of Nihility
03. The Stone Cross
04. The Synthetic Sea
05. A Global Shift

06. The Celestial Antidote
07. Encircled by Mirrors
08. Buried Monuments
09. Worming Nightfall

"Sun Eater", the fourth offering from Job for a Cowboy, is an aural achievement that is poised to stand as the band's definitive statement. Along with producer Jason Suecof, vocalist Jonny Davy, guitarists Al Glassman and Tony Sannicandro, bassist Nick Schendzielos, and session drummer Danny Walker have crafted a cerebral and accomplished piece of technical death metal.

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