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2x12" One Man Army (Picture Disc) #29980

One Man Army (Picture Disc) See Larger Images and Variations
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Release Date: February 24, 2015

Import Double LP - Picture Discs

01. March of War
02. Axe of Judgement
03. Heathen Horde
04. One Man Army

05. Burden of the Fallen
06. Warrior Without a War
07. Cry for the Earth Bounds
08. Two of Spades

09. My Ancestors' Blood
10. Descendants, Defiance, Domination
11. Neito Pohjolan

12. Rawhide (Bonus Track)
13. Warmetal (Bonus Track)
14. Candour and Lies (Bonus Track)
15. Bonus Song (Bonus Track)

ENSIFERUM's "One Man Army", the primarily analog-recorded long player, was tracked between September and November of 2014 with award-winning producer Anssi Kippo (Children Of Bodom, Impaled Nazarene, Entwine etc.) at Astia-Studios in Lappeenranta, Finland and boasts eleven heroic victory psalms.

Commended by Outburn Magazine for songs that are consistently "epic" in scope with a "reliance on catchy melodies," ENSIFERUM's crushing "One Man Army" serves as the follow-up to 2012's critically-lauded "Unsung Heroes" full-length and comes shrouded in the stunningly detailed, mythological cover craftings of renowned illustrator Gyula Havancsák (Annihilator, Tyr, Elvenking, Stratovarius etc).

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